Working With Us


Looking for that Perfect Solution?

We understand that as a homeowner walking into a custom fabrication shop is not something you do everyday and we want to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Whether you have something original in mind or you have “stolen” inspiration from Pinterest, we can help make those ideas a reality. This page is just a walk through of a typical project, some concepts do not need everyone of these steps and the process is expedited, while others will require every step to assure satisfaction.

Let’s get together and see what we can make happen. Give Wade a call at 423.493.3657.

  1. Initial Meeting:

    During our initial meeting we will get an idea of what your needs are and possible solutions. We will try to determine the project goals, budgets, and timelines during this time.

  2. Samples

    Next we take the information you provide us (hopes, dreams, space requirements, etc.) and work up some samples of material options, colors, and even scale models if necessary. This is the point at which our conversation turns from abstract ideas to a concrete (pardon the pun) material conversation. We have actual tactile objects to handle. This is a very important part in the process of creation and collaboration.

  3. Prototyping

    Once the samples have been decided upon, we can develop prototypes if necessary. Some projects are so original that this stage becomes absolutely necessary to determine viability of materials and construction. This is a back and forth process that sometimes takes multiple rounds.

  4. Final Samples

    Once we are all satisfied with the samples and/or prototypes the final samples will be made and approved. After this final sign-off, the actual build out begins. Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the project.

  5. Delivery and Installation

    The day we have all been waiting for arrives and we deliver and install your dream. This is the point we hug, share margaritas, and celebrate.