Care and Maintenance

 Concrete is an amazingly rich material.  Our custom pieces are strong, versatile, and wear well over time, but they are not indestructible. Like anything of value, they require a little care and attention, but do not need to be pampered.

Our high performance concrete comes with hand crafted sealed finish and requires little maintenance if taken care of properly.  Our sealer is very resistant to both acid and base products.  However, avoid letting food type items or harsh chemicals remain on the surface for extended periods of time.  

Concrete is a brittle material; similar to hard stone, not like a plastic product.  As such it can chip if struck with hard objects, so take care.  Avoid sharp objects directly on the surface as they can scratch the finish.  Minor scratches can be lightly sanded and/or filled with wax.

Routine Care & Maintenance

  • Do not place hot pans and dishes (above 300 degrees) on the concrete surface. Use hot pads or trivets.

  • Stain resistance to water-based spills, oils, food items, etc., is excellent; however, spills should be removed as soon as possible. Our sealer is etch-resistant to acidic items such as colas, citrus juices and wine because of the film barrier. Use coasters for glasses.

  • Do not cut directly on the countertops; use cutting boards. Do not drag heavy or sharp objects across the countertop surface. Minor scratches should be removed with a non-abrasive "Scotch Brite" pad or high grit (600+) sand paper.

  • Clean the sealed surface regularly with a soft cloth and mild cleaner. Our cleaner of choice is Aqua Shield Cleaner and Resealer. This product will clean and rejuvenate your counters and is available from Set in Stone as well as other distributors.

  • NEVER use abrasive cleaners (such as Comet), bleach or ammonia.

  • All of our concrete leaves the shop with a coating of wax…we think of this as a sacrificial layer and it helps keep the surface looking fresh. Apply once a year or as needed. We use and recommend TreWax.

  • Call with questions: Wade at 423.493.3657.