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a custom fabrication & design studio

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Bespoke Architectural Elements of Concrete, Wood, and Steel

a farmhouse bathroom with concrete vanities and beautiful wood floors

Beautiful spaces speak to the soul; they set the stage for our lives. Details matter; the materials matter. Craftsmanship brings the intrinsic character of the materials to bear witness on a building's purpose and life. Our approach focuses on the natural use and inherent beauty of concrete, wood, and steel; celebrating both, the processes of fabrication and the elegance of function. They give our experience of a space a tactile honesty. Modern craft through modern materials. This is Set in Stone

The details are not the details, they make the design.
— Charles Eames

Concrete, Steel, and Wood

a clever graphic showing abraham lincoln and saying “Keeping Concrete Honest”.

We have chosen to work in concrete, steel and wood for very particular reasons. The number one reason is that they compliment each other so well and secondly, they allow us to better offer the solutions you need. We are craftsmen at heart, we love the work we do and the materials we work with. Here is a little glimpse into our perspective on each of these materials.

a table with a very thick gray concrete top and a raw welded steel base


Concrete is our first love. A fling that began in 2007 and has since developed into so much more. Concrete is the rare material that is versatile and provocative while being strong and elegant. Concrete technology has gone through a remarkable evolution during the past few years. What we use today barely resembles the concrete of a decade ago. Through the development of material sciences and advances in chemistry our concrete can be cast thinner while being stronger, it can flex exponentially more before cracking and is lighter than ever before. Between custom applications, bespoke colors, made to order mixes, concrete is a most accommodating material. Its aesthetic can vary from the bold and outrageous to the understated and sophisticated. If you can dream it, we can probably cast it. This isn't a boastful exaggeration just a fact.

We cast countertops, integrated sinks, stand alone basins, fire surrounds and mantles, planters, showers, tubs, vanities, dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, any kind of table. We work in residential and commercial settings. If you can dream it, we can cast it.

This ain’t your Grandaddy’s Concrete!


Working with steel was a natural outgrowth of what we were doing with concrete. Actually, it's the perfect compliment to concrete. Where concrete can be moody and sensitive, steel is uncomplicated and upfront. Concrete requires a developed sense of intuition and requires a nuanced practice. Where steel is straightforward and responds to a more direct approach of handling. They really are a match made in heaven. Steel brings its own beauty, texture, and presence to a space. As a material, it can elicit a strong and visceral emotional response in a space. These are characteristics that made us fall in love with steel. It has a voice, a point of view, and a quiet confidence that can embody a space.

We make gates, table tops, table bases, desks, doors (interior and exterior), and various architectural elements.

A warm dark stained wood shelving unit with angled shelves.


Wood is the soft warm underbelly to our hard passionate concrete and steel. As beautiful and soulful as concrete and steel are, there are times that a bit of warmth and familiarity are needed. Wood is relaxed, comfortable and unpretentious. It has been grown not manufactured. It carries a depth and life that is easy for us to relate to. All of these qualities of wood round out the possibilities we offer as a full service multidisciplinary fabrication studio.


You Spec It. We Cast It / Build It / Weld It.


Project Confusion = Lost Money

Concept confusion and mismanaged projects cost time and money, not to mention headaches and lost sleep. We bring in-depth knowledge of materials along with experience in design to offer a collaborative opportunity that diminishes your stress while providing you with the best possible solutions.

The Craft of Service

As an architect or designer there are times you need skilled craftsmen that can deliver high quality solutions while staying true to your vision. There are few things more frustrating than having to handhold and micromanage a contractor....this is NOT who we are. We endeavor to streamline your process of creation and facilitate the realization of your concepts. You need a fabricator that you can trust and can build a prosperous relationship with. This is what we want to be for you. A trusted collaborator that understands what you need and delivers.