What We Do 

a dashing concrete craftsman in the studio on his phone.

Set in Stone is a bespoke fabrication and design studio located in Chattanooga Tennessee since 2007. We specialize in concrete, wood, and metal for both residential and commercial spaces. Modern concrete isn’t what it used to be. It can be cast thinner while being stronger, it is exponentially more flexible and lighter than ever before. Between the seemingly infinite possibilities of our concrete, our metal fabrication and skilled woodworking we can provide excellent solutions for a variety of needs. Our mission is to make your job easier while staying true to your vision and providing the highest quality possible. Our passion is making; bringing beautiful materials together into engaging dialog with one another.

A Small Rant

a clever graphic saying “keeping concrete honest” and showing abraham lincoln.

We believe in a culture that values the individual and the work of their hand. We have a heritage of making in this country; a heritage that is largely being devalued and romanticized. Life is so much more than just what we own. What we own should be so much more than just stuff. Are we not nauseated by mass produced plastic perfection that is here today and tossed tomorrow? The fabrication of hand crafted goods connects us to our own humanity and to each other. We, at Set in Stone, are doing more than just making stuff, we are fighting against modern cynicism and a jaded consumer culture. Our craft tells a story; a story of locality, community and life. It is distinctive, reliable, and enriching to our spaces and to our lives. We believe that it is a reflection of our humanness.


Who We Are





Buddy, “the father of decorative concrete”, is what you might call our mentor. We are grateful and humbled by the opportunity to be partnering with him and becoming a part of his training team. He is very much a part of all of our concrete heritage, a lineage we are proud of. From the beginning, his ideals of innovation and craftsmanship has shaped Set in Stone’s own identity and ideals. Buddy Rhodes definitely knows what it means to keep concrete honest, while exploring its possibilities.

Thanks, Buddy.