We Are All Makers.

We at Set in Stone are Makers. We think that everyone is a maker; its just part of being human. The problem is that not everyone sees themselves this way. Indeed, the habit of consumption has all but killed the creative drive in many people. Our hope is that this class will help foster that creative spirit by giving opportunity and space to remember.

This class is aimed toward those that live in the Chattanooga area and as such is scheduled to run on a particular weeknight for a set number of weeks until the projects completion. Each project will have its own unique challenges and time table.

Our goal is to give you the freedom to remember how fun and natural it to create and to allow you the opportunity to explore your own creative process. You will get dirty. You will use your hands. You will be hopefully be challenged. We will be around throughout the project to facilitate your own process and guide you through the technical side of things.

Bringing Your Flair to Specific Project

Each class is built around a unique project. No two classes are ever the same. We will give you some criterion, because creativity thrives within constraints. By the end of the class you will have created something that is unique, beautiful and a result of your personal creative effort.

Here are some of the solutions created in our last class.

many different solutions come from the same project.

many different solutions come from the same project.


This class will run or four weeks and is 6pm-8:30pm, Tuesday nights. The cost of the class is $280 and includes all the basic materials. Come ready to get dirty and be sure to wear closed-toe shoes. This class is intended for those that live within driving distance of the shop since it requires multiple visits. Give us a call to discuss scheduling and details.

Upcoming Class:

Next Class to be Announced

For Registration or Info contact Nathan Smith:



It is strongly suggested to preregister because available space is limited to maintain quality instruction and it can fill up very quickly.

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